State-of-the-Art Frameless Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

Frameless Shower Door

Update the look of your bathroom with frameless shower doors and shower enclosures by Glassworks, LLC in Metairie, Louisiana. These have two hinges and a handle, and feature no framing.

Versatile Appeal
Residential and commercial clients can choose from the wide variety of glass door styles and designs we offer. These are very popular, trendy, and blend seamlessly with many different decor and applications. We also offer obscure and clear glass options for more discerning clients. Made of glass, our frameless shower enclosures are highly recommended for:

• Bathroom Remodels • Original Shower Door Upgrades • New Construction

Contact us in Metairie, Louisiana, and let our professionals provide complete installation for frameless shower doors and shower enclosures.

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